Chart Settings


The chart title appears at the top of the chart, when present.

Chart title


The chart legend shows all the series in the chart. It can be toggled visible or hidden.

Chart legend


Tooltips appear when you hover your mouse over a chart region.

Chart tooltip


The download button allows a chart to be exported as an image in various formats.

Chart export

Data Labels

Data Labels show the data values for each data point. Then can be placed outside or inside the region and can be formatted.

Chart data labels Chart data labels inside

Axis Titles

Chart axis can be assigned a title.

Chart axis title

Axis Labels

Labels for each axis can be enabled or disabled.

Chart axis labels


The series in a chart can be ordered and limited. In this chart the series are 2014 and 2015.

Chart series order default

In this chart the series are ordered by name, so 2014 is first.

Chart series order

These series are ordered by the data values of Product A. Since 2015 is lower for Product A, it will appear first for all the series.

Chart Data Points

The data points in a chart can be ordered and limited.

Chart data points limit

In this chart the data points are limited to 3, so each series has 3 columns, and the data for Product D is not shown.

Chart data points order

These data points are ordered by the data values of series 2014, and limited to 3 data points per series. Product A is not shown because it had the highest value in 2014.

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